Sarah's agility classes are fun, relaxed and very enjoyable for both dogs and handlers. I would highly recommend them for strengthening the bond between owner and dog as well as improving the behaviour of the dog - the biggest and best reward you can give your dog is having fun together. Sarah has a excellent teaching skills which allows all the participants to progress without stress.
Joyce Couper & Max

We have been going to K9 Adventures agility for a year now with 3 collies. They love it, in the field or indoors this winter. One is 11 years old and enjoys a slower fun time, me too because we both like a slower pace. It is a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Sarah and the crew are fab. Come along and see for yourself.
Tracey, Megan and the gang

My dogs and I all enjoy training with K9 Adventures. Sarah keeps each class fun and challenging for both dogs and the humans. Everything is taught in a fun and positive way.
Becky, Murphy & Cash

I find these classes great fun but also brilliant for improving the bond between me and my dog. She loves the challenge and really enjoys her classes.
Alli & Lola

Luna finds the classes with Aunty Sarah most enjoyable. We have advanced great deal since we started. We both look forward to training every week.
Phil& Luna

K9 Adventures is a fun way to create a better bond between you and your dog. Lola and I love coming to classes to see what challenges Sarah has for us. Lola would not be the dog she is today if it wasn't for Sarah's patience and positive way of training.
Heather & Lola

Fara and I thoroughly enjoy our weekly agility classes with K9 Adventures. Sarah is great with all the dogs and classes are solely about the enjoyment factor for all involved especially the dogs.
Lindsay & Fara

Me and my dog Todd have learnt a lot from Sarah, I enjoy coming every week to see what challenges Sarah has for us both. Todd has become a more confident dog thanks to Sarah and all of my lessons have been exciting. If it wasn't for K9 Adventures I wouldn't have as strong a bond with my dog!
Carrie & Todd

We have been coming to agility for 2 years now and so glad I saw the advert for Sarah. She teaches us with patience and respect to Tess. My dog is scared of new people and Sarah did not over whelm Tess. The class is called fun agility which it is, no pressure and thoroughly enjoyable. Tess gets so excited when she knows we are on our way to agility.
Rosanne & Tess

Sarah is great. Very patient with me! We both enjoy it very much.
Annel & Eva

Havebeen doing agility since last summer. Tai is doing great, Sarah is very patient with us, loving it and looking forward to this summer.
Elizabeth & Tai 

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